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Top 10 prescription drug addiction blogs

Going through prescription drug addiction treatment and recovery can be an extremely challenging time in an individual’s life. Sometimes, individuals need extra support and motivation to help them continue on their journey towards long-term recovery. Some turn to prescription drug addiction blogs to seek this extra support as they often find that reading accounts of other people’s experiences, that have previously had an addiction to prescription drugs and have successfully recovered from this, can help spur them on to persevere and continue this monumental journey. For this very reason, Port of Call has rounded up a few of the best prescription drug abuse blogs.

top prescription drug addiction blogs

Top opiate addiction stories

1. Benzo Withdrawal Help
In 2010, Dr. Leigh suffered from a life-threatening brain injury due to a benzodiazepine medication. Her prescription drug blog discusses her ordeal in an honest account, offering help, support and coping skills for people in withdrawal.

2. How is my son?
This top opiate addiction blog is written by a mother whose son suffered from a prescription drug addiction. This blog helps other parents of individuals with an addiction by offering their experiences, in hope that others will be able to relate to this and find solace in this opiate addiction blog.

3. Our Young Addicts
Our Young Addicts is a prescription drug abuse blog whereby a community of parents and professionals share their experiences with addiction, treatment and recovery. This top prescription drug addiction blog is especially useful as it provides an insight into the entire process of achieving recovery.

4. Methadone Treatment
Addiction to Methadone can affect anyone – at anytime. This top opiate blog looks to help individuals that are suffering from Methadone addiction by offering a safe and effective alternative to recovering from this opiate addiction.

5. Painkiller Addict
7 years ago, Cathryn suffered from a prescription drug addiction. Now she is in active recovery and has written a book, ‘From Wreckage to Redemption’, sharing her story in hope of helping others suffering from an addiction to prescription drugs through both her prescription drug abuse blog and her book.

6. Jen Simon, Writer
Jen Simon, a stay at home mum, is published in various high profile magazines. With her published books, she writes about motherhood, postpartum depression and addiction. Jen Simon writes for various articles, looking to educate readers and offer an insight into prescription drug abuse through this interesting blog.

7. From Hopkins to Homeless
David Loffert was a PHD student in his second year when he became addicted to prescription medication. Now, his autobiography, ‘From Hopkins to Homeless’ tells a truthful story about overcoming his addiction to seek recovery. Appearing in blogs discussing prescription drug abuse, David looks to help others through his personal account.

8. Brain Blogger
Founded in 2005, the Brain Blogger is an award-winning health and science blog, discussing prescription drug addiction and the most impactful news and research related to neuroscience, psychology and healthcare.

9. Points
An academic group blog about prescription drugs, alcohol and drug addiction, Points brings together scholars with a wide range of expertise with the goal of producing original and thoughtful reflections on the history of alcohol and drugs and their place in popular culture.

10. Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse
A group founded as a result of personal struggles and tragedy at the hands of addiction, the writers of this prescription drug addiction blog write truthfully, providing comfort to those who may find themselves in a similar situation.

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top prescription drug blogs

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