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Men only addiction treatment centres

Single sex addiction treatment centres can make a lot of sense. We know there is evidence to suggest that women often make more progress in a female only environment but is it the same for men? This article looks at some of the benefits of gender specific treatment at a men only addiction rehab centre in Somerset.

Men’s drug rehab centres allow men the opportunity to focus on their issues without distraction. A gender specific addition treatment centre may assist men in breaking their addiction lifestyle once and for all. Drug rehab for men in a segregated environment can work well for men who struggle to interact with women in a positive way or who may have been bullied within the care or prison system and need to rebuild relationships with other men when they go back into the community. 

Gender specific treatments

What happens in men’s drug rehab?

One of the few men only addiction treatment centres in the UK is based in Somerset in the South West. It provides residential rehabilitation for men only, using an abstinence based 12-Step programme. This intimate, yet safe, 10-bed unit encourages men over 18 years to address their treatment and recovery needs without the distractions, attentions and competition that they might experience in a mixed gender environment.

The treatment centre offers a comfortable, homely environment and is set in a peaceful, rural location. Specialising in alcohol rehab for men, clinical detox, drug addiction and prescription drugs, this client centred clinic has a high success rate for men who want to achieve immediate and long-term recovery.

What is the ethos and approach?

The treatment approach is centred around the client and is based on a modified US Model with abstinence at its core aim, employing the 12 Steps of the AA/NA Fellowship. Addiction is considered a primary illness with physical, mental and spiritual (relationship) symptoms. Each of these is treated using a multi-dimensional approach with the aim of responding to the whole person rather than their individual parts. People come to be treated because they are ill, not because they are bad or weak.

Therapies are delivered in both individual and group settings, employing an integrative approach where Motivational Interviewing, an Inter-Personal Model of group work and a range of counselling models are combined. Every attempt is made to provide a treatment process that balances both support and challenge, providing the best medium for change. One of the greatest assets in this process is being part of an all-male peer group, which can be both powerful and inspiring.

From Therapeutic Community and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) through to 12-step programmes, or quasi-residential options and fully residential treatment, whatever your need ore preference, we are able to help you find the treatment that is most appropriate to your needs.

How long do I need to stay in drug rehab for men?

A residential treatment stay can last anywhere from four weeks to six months. Most people stay for 12 weeks as part of their primary programme although there is flexibility. During this time, staff at the addiction treatment centre will help you to address both the physical and psychological aspects of your dependency issues, with a view to achieving and remaining abstinent.

If you, or a loved one, are dealing with drug addiction then why not make Port of Call your fist point of contact. We can advise you on all the treatment options available, helping you to access the right help at the right time. Take your first step today by speaking to one of our advisers for free on 0800 002 9010.

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