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10 Oct 18

How Mental Health and addiction are intrinsically linked

On October 10th, World Mental Health Day 2018 will take place, allowing people to engage in an international conversation around mental health.

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05 Oct 18

The Negative Impact of Smoking on your Career

When we think about the effects of nicotine addiction, we often consider it solely in terms of how it can impact our health. How does nicotine addiction work against you in your career though? Studies have shown that being a smoker can influence your career path and employment opportunities. If the strain on your physical health hasn’t convinced you to quit, then maybe the drain on your wallet will.

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05 Sep 18

Regular readers of our Port of Call blog section will be familiar with our monthly Recovery Recap. At the end of each month, we look at some of the big news surrounding addiction in a bid to help people to further understand the impact addiction has on people’s lives.

14 Aug 18

Wet-brain, also known as Korsakoff Syndrome is chronic amnesia most often caused by excessive long-term consumption of alcohol. Simply put, it is an alcohol brain damage syndrome, which occurs when the brain is deprived of vitamin B1 (thiamine).

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03 Aug 18

There have been plenty of addiction news stories for us to talk about of late and would love for our readers to treat this page as a form of inspiration in your bid to reach recovery.

01 Aug 18

Cannabis is often seen as being a fairly harmless drug, in large part to numerous studies suggesting that smoking cannabis is less harmful than smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. With so many stories around the media and numerous celebrities admitting they like a smoke every now and again, what’s the harm in smoking a little weed?

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