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Free/NHS Rehab

Although there is no such thing as free rehab, government funded places are occasionally made available to people who require intensive support and show sufficient willingness and motivation to succeed. Funding is very limited and there are unfortunately a lot of hoops to jump through.

If you choose to persue this option, you will normally spend a period of time in community-based treatment before accessing rehab. This will be to ensure that you are sufficiently stable in your drug/alcohol use before being referred to rehab and to test your motivation and willingness to succeed.

Lengthy and Difficult…

It is important to bear in mind that immediate access is not possible and that the process is lengthy and convoluted. As you will see below, you will need to attend lots of interviews and require lots of patience. Port of Call are not able to expedite this process but we are happy to help you find rehab services in your local area. For information on how Port of Call can help you access affordable rehab treatment, call our confidential experts today on 08000029010.

The process of accessing NHS Rehab

  • You will need to follow a strict and rigorous process that will involve a lot of determination and commitment.
  • Processes will vary depending on the area you live, but are usually along these lines:
  • You will need to make an appointment with your local drug or alcohol service.
  • You will be assigned a keyworker who will do an initial assessment of your suitability for rehab and to establish whether you need a detox
  • You will be assessed by local authority social services care manager or a local drugs service – this is a community care assessment to check if you meet the local authority’s eligibility criteria for residential treatment.
  • The local authority and drug service will then attempt to secure funding for your rehab place
  • The rehab will also want to interview you and do their own assessment before you can start.
  • If detox is required first, your keyworker will advise you on suitable options and timescales and your detox arrangements will be coordinated with your start date for rehab
  • Once the funding arrangements and start dates are in place and detox, if required, has been completed, you will go to rehab.

Free NHS outpatient services

The NHS offers a number of outpatient services for people with an alcohol or susbstance misuse problem. Your GP can advise about services specific to your local area.

Free support in your community

Nationwide support groups that are free to attend include:

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