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Someone in denial

Helping someone who doesn’t want help

Denial is often the cornerstone of addictive behaviour. An addict will often try to mask their destructive behaviour with dishonesty and deceit. Often the person that they will go to the greatest efforts to deceive is themselves. Their evasive and defensive reactions to any challenges or offers of help can prove hugely frustrating.

You want to help but until they are willing to help themselves you will reach a definite impasse. This is exactly where professional help can help the most. Port of Call can arrange a structured intervention that can sometimes be the breakthrough that is needed. To learn more about what an intervention entails. Please call our free phone line on 0800 002 9010.

When is the right time to help?

Our advice would be to act as soon as you suspect that there might be a problem. We know that the road to recovery can be far less intensive and disruptive for all if an addiction is detected early. The longer this progressive illness is left untreated, the worse it is likely to become.

Of course, this is easier said than done when faced with the denial of an addict. But know this, you do not have to stand by and suffer in silence. Speak to Port of Call today to see if we can help you, or your loved one, to achieve recovery.

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