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The warning signs were there, but I didn’t listen

15 Apr 17

Phil is 54 and lives in Northampton. He has been a consistent drinker for almost 40 years, regularly consuming two to three times the newly revised recommended limit of 14 units of alcohol a week for a man. Phil had started to notice his health was in decline but he just wasn’t ready to face up to reality. Until one afternoon when his body decided to give him the warning sign he’d been dreading, which finally made him face up to his drinking. This is Phil’s story of how he managed to turn his life around, and receive gender specific substance abuse treatment put in place by Port of Call.

10 Apr 17

There are lots of good reasons for establishing drug treatment for women that takes place in a gender specific environment. Read on to find out how women’s drug treatment is delivered at a women’s addiction treatment centre in Cardiff, South Wales.

Alcohol and drug treatment centres for women specialise in helping women with their unique needs. A women-only rehab clinic is also staffed by women, which can help with any trust issues. A female only environment also offers a place of safety that might not be possible in a more integrated environment. Other advantages of having treatment in a gender specific environment are the application of therapies that are more suitable for women, plus the consideration of support for childcare.

06 Mar 17

When addiction is the subject, conversation can be extremely helpful. Counselling for addiction works to help you, a loved one, friend or colleague talk through current issues, halving the problem and helping towards the end goal of becoming addiction free. Here, Port of call looks at the effectiveness of alcohol counselling services.

01 Mar 17

Choosing to attend alcohol addiction counselling is an important and life-changing decision. Therefore, it is important to find a therapist that is right for you and your needs. Here, Port of Call looks at the best alcohol addiction therapists, based on location.

Posted in Addiction Alcohol

31 Jan 17

Alcohol rehab is considered the best treatment for alcohol addiction, proving successful for those who may have tried different treatment options in the past. Offering a rigorous, residential programme of support, Port of Call work with the best Private alcohol rehab centres, to ensure the finest level of care. Here, we look at some of the best treatment facilities for addiction throughout the UK.

06 Jan 17

When weighing up the most suitable alcohol rehab option for you, your family and your individual situation, it is critical to find a treatment plan that works for you on all levels. In this blog, Port of Call weighs up the relative cost of inpatient vs outpatient rehab treatment, taking financial, social and practical aspects into account.

23 Dec 16

When seeking help for alcoholism you should consider private alcohol rehab centre, as it offers a range of benefits. Most importantly, this route of treatment is known to be the most effective way of overcoming alcohol addiction and encourage long-term recovery. We have collected a number of reasons that highlight the reasons why you should favour choosing a private alcohol rehab centre.

05 Dec 16

The cost of private treatment for alcohol addiction varies based on many elements, such as: the duration of your treatment, the amenities that are available at the centre, the level of support you will receive and more. In this blog, Port of Call outlines the main factors that contribute towards the cost of private alcohol rehab in the UK.

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